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Mac's Color Test

Take "Mac's" COLOR TEST to test your personal balance of mind, body and spirit. A balance of these three is said to be a key to personal happiness and bliss.

My personal belief system is based on seeing life in threes. As MIND + BODY + SPIRIT - and then the Trinity in Christian doctrines - and the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.

For the purposes of this "TEST" and to better understand yourself and where you are NOW the color RED represents physical energies. RED would be: exercise; physical labor; hard work; staying fit and in good shape; matters of the body and health. 

YELLOW represents mental energies. Yellow here is: intellectual endeavors; writing; education; learning and teaching; all study and scholarly pursuits.

BLUE here is spiritual and emotional aspects of human reality. Blue is spirituality and religion; and as that song says "Love is blue".

Think of RED as tied to LUST and RAGE and waving a red flag at a bull and "red light" districts. Yellow light bulbs in cartoons are symbolic of a guy getting a bright idea. Blue is being "blue" for emotional sadness or the depression of a blue "funk" - and as noted "love is blue".

To be happier and to live a far more blissful human life - we all need a good balance of body, mind, and spirit or of the red, yellow and blue energies. The strongest geometric shape is the equilateral triangle which has three sides - all of equal length. Most humans are "trapezoids" - with three sides of various different lengths.

The KEY is a balance and body, mind and spirit - or here of red, yellow and blue - the physical, mental and spiritual energies.

SO take "MAC'S COLOR TEST which I developed many years ago when the "New Age" was so much in vogue. Go with your first hunches - this is not a TEST really - just a quick sketch of where you are now - today!

A TEST OF NINE QUESTIONS - The Best Score is 3 RED, 3 YELLOW and 3 BLUE!

1.  If you met DOROTHY on the Yellow Brick Road to OZ - who could TODAY help you most?

a. The LION - help you with COURAGE.

b. The Scarecrow - help you with a BRAIN.

c.  The Tinman - help you to get a HEART.


2. TODAY what are you most worried about?

a. My body and my health.

b. My mind and mental functioning.

c. My heart and soul - emotional well-being.


3. TODAY what fruit of the spirit do you feel MOST blessed with in your daily life?

a. Peace, quiet, and a sense of serenity.

b. Joy - happy going about my daily life.

c. Love - I feel loved, cherished, accepted. 


4. IF I were to offer you ONE TICKET for just you - worth $500 - which would you take?

a. Front row seat at an exciting sports event.

b. Seat at a BRILLIANT lecture of an expert!

c. A reading with a gifted psychic or medium.


5. TODAY what are you most concerned over?

a. Being and/or becoming HEALTHY.

b. Being and/or becoming WEALTHY.

c. Being and/or becoming WISE.


6. This LIFE which is your strongest spiritual quality that helps you onward and upward?


b. HOPE.



7. TODAY what is working for you to help you get what YOU really want out of life?

a.  BACKBONE - lots of hard work - labor.

b.  JAWBONE - talking it up - communication.

c.  WISHBONE -  passive - letting it happen.


8.  There are 3 aspects of the DIVINE - which to YOU is MOST IMPORTANT these days?



c. LOVE.


9. Right now - today - your favorite COLOR?

a. RED.


c. BLUE.


GRADE YOUR TEST - do not sneak a peek at the answers - there are no right or wrong answers. ALL ARE CORRECT answers - what we are seeking is for a better balance in our lives of body, mind and sprit.

So GRADES = the (a) answers are RED; the (b) answers are YELLOW; and (c) answers are BLUE. Total up your color scores now. 

The ideal is 3 of each - only about ten percent of people who take this test - score 3-3-3.

IF YOU DID SO - fantastic! Congratulations!

The vast majority score 4-3-2 - where just one area needs some attention - more fine-tuning than a cause for any concern. If you scored 4-3-2 - look at your answers and see if there is one of the FOUR answers you could easily replace with a TWO answer - easing up on the area that got FOUR - more focus on the TWO area. 

A minority score 5-3-1 or worse 6 or 7 of one color. If you have such a massive imbalance where  one color is so overly prominent there is cause for concern. But for most people it is just a matter of fine-tuning and some minor adjustments and a redirection of your focus and your energies.

Just some brief tips and pointers would be:

IF YOU HAD TOO MUCH BLUE: get more exercise; get out more; socialize; take a class; consider a support group; get moving. Get out of yourself - realize other folks have problems too. Try to share your own burdens but in a constructive way. It is time to work on SOLUTIONS and not keep rehearsing your problems again and again. Soon too much blue can drive loved ones from you!

IF YOU HAD TOO MUCH RED: slow down; relax; get a massage; take a long hot bath; consider a vacation; even naps can be nice; a nice leisurely walk or stroll can be relaxing; treat yourself to a good book; maybe take a class or take up a relaxing hobby.  Try not to compete so much. Life is not a RACE. High RED can be a sign of a work-a-holic. Try to reduce stress in your life. Rome was not built in a day and few of us are Julius Caesars born again to conquer, rule Rome.

IF YOU HAD TOO MUCH YELLOW: try not to OVER THINK or OVER-ANALYZE life, the world, your job, other people. Sometimes it is wise to just let go and not try to control everything. Other people can help - you are not indispensable. Shared burdens are cut down to a more manageable size. RELAX. Try not to be too judgmental and overly critical of others as well as yourself.

The area of concern is when you only have ONE OR TWO of one color - one aspect.

ONLY ONE OR TWO YELLOWS: You are treating life as a CHECKERS GAME and others around you - at work and at home may be playing CHESS while you act as if it were a simple checkers game. Think out the moves - the days, weeks and years ahead. PLAN MORE. Take a class or a course of study that will help you reach your goals. GOD helps those who help themselves. SOME PLANNING and GOAL SETTING is very helpful to all of us in today's world.

ONLY ONE OR TWO BLUES: Be kinder to yourself and to others. Don't be such a harsh judge and jury of yourself and others. Walk a mile in their boots! How about relaxing - enjoy some mellow music. How about some sort of spiritual study or pursuit - even a nice walk in the woods or mountains or the beach! How about even a nice dog or pet - YOUR own man's best friend. Consider meditation or yoga - even just a hot tub and massage. Gardening and nature are a real help here.

ONLY ONE OR TWO REDS: Get moving - how about some more exercise - even if just some brisk walking or taking the stairs at work between floors or on the way out each day. SPORTS - play with the kids or join the Y for some basketball or take up golf or swimming. DO SOMETHING physical. Even MORE sex is good exercise. ACTION is often required of folks low on red energies. Face up to your fears - try to deal with them.

Life  CAN BE VERY COMPLEX  - this is a simple "TEST" of sorts and you are changing all the time. Your results today may NOT be your results in the future. BUT the goal is for a better  balance that leads to greater personal bliss and happiness.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. If you are HAPPY it rubs off on others. If you are in greater balance you set a better example for your friends, your family and colleagues.

Share this TEST with others - those who you believe might benefit from it. NO NEED to tell them where you saw it. I spoke for many years across the USA at "New Age Expo's" and this test was printed and circulated quite widely. I am just dusting if off here for our MEMBERSHIP in hopes that it may help some of our members and our friends.

REMEMBER the Bi MEN NETWORK is all about: "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - as a Bi GUY today! We are a worldwide SOCIAL and SUPPORT organization - for bisexual men, bi-curious males, gay men who are bi-friendly, and bi couples. We are NOT political, we are NOT ACTIVISTS - gay or bisexual - and we are not a religious or doctrinaire type organization. We live and let live and try to help one another to lead far healthier and far happier lives as bi guys today.

Our motto: "You are NOT alone!'  

Thank you for being with us at the Bi Men Network - help spread the good news we share here - a free worldwide network for bi and gay MEN - 18 to 118 years of age!

Best Wishes & Big Hugs,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder & Lead Moderator
Now 250,000+ active male members!

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