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Improve and Enhance Your Sex and Love Life EASILY
Just be the daddy more often!

As we celebrate Father's Day this year - I would like to offer these comments on the passing scene of the new millennium, and a bit of advice for any active male members here over 35, who would like to improve and enhance their sex and love lives - free and oh so easily, "JUST BE THE DADDY more and more in your daily life with both men and women."

Give up being the sweet young thing or the cute young dude. Pick out say 10 male role models whom you admire and that you can easily emulate. It does not matter who they are and whether they are living or dead. Take time to pick out your very own 10 male role models. Write them down. Keep your list, and occasionally update it. Over time you will be surprised by the deletions and additions to your list.

Just pick your own personal TOP 10, from military world conquerors, as Alexander the Great or Napoleon, to modern film stars and leading men such as "The Duke" John Wayne or Aussie "Bad Boy" Russ Crowe.

If your own FATHER/DAD was a good DAD he can easily be an example for you. Try to think back on times and experiences when he impressed you in the past. Ponder on this. Try to add any naturally manly ways and such to your own personal bag of tricks. But keep in mind this is not just acting butch or masculine or macho. It is a mindset of being the NATURAL LEADER and the hunter and gatherer for your clan. It is also being the "COACH" and the wise sage for your entire clan and village.

If you are still married or dating women, it will not hurt to open a door once in a while or pull out a chair for her. While GALLANTRY may be dead for every other male today, you can still be her hero. You may be surprised how such free gestures will charm her and ingratiate you with her. Even consider just teasingly say after such gestures, "Well, Who's your DADDY?" And RATION them out - not all the time, or they may lose their very specialness.

During sex--no matter what is going on in the bed or bedroom (or wherever you having sex)--include a few "Do it for Daddy!" or "Suck Daddy's Dick!" or "Fuck Daddy!"

As long as you ACT like the DADDY outside the sexual episodes, you can pull this off in the bedroom and during sexual play with both men and women. You can be the world's biggest bottom, and be fucked by all men and all women with strap-ons - just BE THE DADDY outside of the bedroom!

Both MEN and WOMEN today prefer to be having HOT SEX with a DADDY, and not some pussy boy or sweet young thing. Unless you are JAIL BAIT for aging cougars, you are better off going for the DAD role.

If you are over 35 years old, you will both enhance and improve your sex and love lives free by being more of the DADDY. You can do this by realizing that EVERYONE wants someone to lean on - to hug and hold them - and provide a big and broad shoulder to cry on or to just lean on. We are all just big grown-up kids, afraid of the dark and all the boogey-men out there!

In our MODERN WORLD many young men and women grow up in homes with no real DADS, and have a longing for such men in their lives. Consider helping to fill that void. After all find a NEED and FILL IT.

All of this will cost you NOTHING, and will not require FACE LIFTS, TUMMY TUCKS, joining some gym, or buying a fancy new car or yacht or such. But you will have to live it and make it every day become YOU. It will be far easier to pull this off with men in short-term encounters. BUT it will pay off with both men and women long-term in both short-term and ongoing relations.

Get your head behind it. Realize that you are GETTING older - you should be wiser and more experienced by now - so live it and act it. Be the LEADER in the group, and that does not mean an arrogant bossy ass. Think and act as a mature savvy coach, and an older wiser sage. Look for and observe men in your life who have these qualities.

In day- today interactions, consider jokingly adding "Who's your Daddy!" at times, but the real clincher is during sex - be sure to bring in: "Suck daddy's dick!" or "Fuck Daddy's ass!" and maybe "Daddy's going to fuck your ass/pussy good!" or "Daddy's going to spank you - you've been so bad!" Use the THEATER of sexual play to start the DADDY theme to become fixed into your sex/love objects' minds and hearts.

Let us be frank here! Who wants to chase an old queeny nelly bottom girly-girl? BUT make it real and genuine. It is a process. Just plan to spend the rest of your life in becoming a DAD anyone could be proud of in and out of the bed and bedroom. You will become damn good at sex, and you will become a damn good companion, friend, coach and playmate that one and all will count on day in and day out. JUST BE THE DAD - we need more of them!

Happy Father's Day MEN! Go enjoy it!

Best Wishes,


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