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The Four Levels of Human Reality
and Bisexual's Unique Ability
to Bridge Intimacy with both Sexes

For many, many centuries the Eastern Mystics (and others) have identified four of seven levels of human reality as:

THE PHYSICAL LEVEL OF REALITY - "might makes right" - whose essence is STRENGTH;

THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL OF REALITY - emotional attachment and relationships with other humans - whose essence is BEAUTY;

THE MENTAL LEVEL OF REALITY - the persistent search for TRUTH - whose essence is TRUTH;
THE SPIRITUAL LEVEL OF REALITY - the search for justice and the essence of which is Justice.

THERE are said to be three more - even higher levels - that most of us humans can not yet at this time in our evolution understand.

After many years of closely studying bisexuals on many, many levels -- bisexuals seem to me to have a better ability to bridge HUMAN INTIMACY on one or more such levels with both sexes.

AS - physical intimacy - easy to do with another MAN - as Jay Leno jokes: "SEX: women need a REASON to have sex; men just need a place!"

Bisexual men can easily get an erection and bond with another man - with or without a place. MOST women need a reason (emotional or mental or even spiritual to couple with another man or with a woman).

Ask yourself - have you had the ability to relate - to be intimate - with both men and women - and on how many of these four levels of human reality?

Myself - I tend to bond with women on the "higher" levels of human reality -- and easily bond with men on the base PHYSICAL LEVEL. How about you?

If you have read the science fiction classic "Stranger in a Strange Land" bisexuality is very likely the wave of that future. In that future reality - people are "nesting" in group households of say two men and one woman or five men and three gals or five gals and four men. They couple with one or more on and as need and as feels good basis. ONE on ONE monogamous couples are accepted but are not the "norm".

I have observed in the last two decades that BISEXUALITY seems to be on the rise. As taboos are lifted humans seem to accept that relating PHYSICALLY (on that level of reality) with the same sex is Doable and even being intimate on other levels of reality is possible.

MANY of us have had the SOUL MATE (or intense best friend) experience with a same sex pal - and perhaps it was consummated with sex and maybe not. In MY OWN EXPERIENCE - those often HIGH spiritual and mental relationships were NOT always helped or preserved by trying to add sex to the mix.

This is often the situation when straight or bi MEN encounter a very SPIRITUAL female as a Nun or the like. They are highly drawn to her (the spiritual LIGHT there) but it is likely not best to try to consummate the matter in a purely physical fashion. Also why many women become GROUPIES to spiritual male leaders (i.e. Elmer Gantry stereo types).

TO wrap it up - it is very important as human beings and/or bisexuals that we DO NOT think that we are special or unique. That can become a spiritual handicap to your own personal growth (i.e. a sense of being "special" can be that of so very deadly sin of pride.

Bisexuals may or may not be the cutting edge - and we may or may not be the advance movement of all HUMAN BEINGS - but do not please think of it in terms of being "special" or "unique".

So what do you think? Have you bonded with both sexes and on what levels of reality? Do you think this is the wave of the future? Do you think as I do that this is in fact a GREAT GIFT - that you can explore both sexes on many, many levels of reality?

As Woody Allen has so often joked: "Being bisexual has the unique quality of doubling the chances that you will have a HOT DATE every Saturday Night for the rest of your entire life!"

So just how are you doing in life relating to friends and lovers on the four levels of reality?

Best Wishes & Big Hugs,

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Bi Men Worldwide Network
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