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BI Men & the Expectations of Women

All too often for BI MEN the expectations of women are even more disturbing as well as often even more perturbing.

These days all too few of us busy men have time to read a BOOK - so I was delighted to see these excerpts from Irma Kurtz's MANTALK that just hit the nail squarely on the head. It is so very REFRESHING to see a WOMAN who really understands the STRANGE and often unreal dynamic tensions between men and women.

Perhaps like me you will be delighted to see so much WISDOM in so few words.

As BI MEN I think we are often more sensitive to the expectations of the women in our lives whether they be wives, lovers, paramours, whores, mistresses, and even our mothers.

PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ask me: "MAC, just WHY do you love BI MEN so much?"

And after many years now I can honestly say it's because they seem to combine the best qualities of straight men and gay men in one guy!  But without the barbaric aspects of straight bullies or the bitchy female affectations of so many queens!

BUT that being so - more than most men they are more sensitive to the wants and desires - and expectations of women.

FOR EXAMPLE - one of my longtime regulars - of many years - a very very handsome oversexed multi-loaded blonde married stud came over last Friday after work for a quickie on his way out of town to take his beloved bride of 20 years for a romantic getaway to a lovely b and b in Santa Barbara. As often he said he needed a "MAC" fix (hot oral sex) before this special romantic anniversary trip. He said he KNEW a quickie here would set the right tone for his wife the first night - where he would be more loving, romantic, and cuddly. Sure enough I checked with him later - and it was she who POUNCED on HIM in their b & b romantic bedroom suite after SHE had had HER fill of kissing, cooing, cuddling! I have never met his wife, never will. But for years I have been their "marital aide".

SO BI MEN are often well-tuned to the expectations of WOMEN - and these expectations of women - especially today's liberated women can be stinging. Stinging even YEARS after a divorce from the woman of your dreams - now perhaps all too sadly the woman of your SCREAMS!

So enjoy these MANTALK excerpts - at:

Feel free to discuss same at our CHAT ROOM at:

Have a great weekend. Please tell your BI and gay buddies about BI Men Network.


Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder and Moderator
Now over 250,000 men with us today!

P.S. Whatever happened to a man's "conjugal rights"? Gone with the wind! like Tara & the Old South!

ENJOY! ++++++++++++++ Semper Fi

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