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"Gifts and the Women in Your Intimate Life!"

Inasmuch as this is a FORUM for Bi MEN - and our bi-curious male friends and our gay male friends (and those few bi couples who choose to join us here) - this is a recurrent theme - the GREAT expectations of Women as regards Bi MEN these days.

For example - see the "HUMOR" attached below - which in many of our Bi Men members' lives is all but true day in and day out!  As it notes, no wonder men die before most women!

Sadly in today's world for the most part, many straight women who do want a MAN in their lives - first seek out and find a real man  - and then move in with him and/or marry him and then begin their "science project" of turning him into a lap dog or house cat. And many such gals are Honors Students when it comes to these "science projects" having at them with zeal and real gusto!

The WAR of the SEXES is time-olde but sometimes it's a good idea to remind our ladies - whoever them may be - indeed - we MEN are different. If they just wanted a girlfriend with a strap-on why not just be a real LESBIAN in today's world?

AND IF YOU MISSED "Mantalk" by an outspoken woman (Irma Kurtz) go to:

BUT - today - our topic is GIFT GIVING!

GIFTS are always BIG with women - whether it was PANDORA's BOX in ancient mythology - or Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in the modern era.

Whether it is the HOLIDAY SEASON in December - or Valentine's Day or your Anniversary - or her birthday or Mother's DAY _ GIFTS are expected.

BUT - GIFT GIVING to the woman (wife or girlfriend) or God forbid the WOMEN in your life - can be a good time for a bi guy to get CREATIVE.

******************** HO! HO! HO!


Men in general have a poor REP when it comes to gift giving. IF you even remember and it is on time you are already AHEAD of the game today!

BUT what we are talking about here is an INTIMATE - private moment = a gift for your wife or girlfriend - any gal 18 to 118 that you still would like to have S E X with. Such intimate gifts are for the BEDROOM or alone on the sofa or bear rug before a warm fire - not in front of the kids or in-laws!

SUCH private moment, INTIMATE gifts for her ALONE can be times when you try - hopefully with success - to IMPROVE your sex life - and help clue her in that you are UP for more!

Have you been naughty? Assuage your own GUILT with a sex paddle for the bedroom - or handcuffs?

Do you want something more than the same ole same ole "Saturday Night Special" = how about a book with illustrations of 100 exciting sex positions for you two to peruse?

Is she game for a video or dvd?

Is she game for some sex toys?

Is she game for some hot lingerie?

ONLY YOU KNOW "your queen" or FIRST LADY when it comes to this type of thing. Push the envelope a TAD but don't drive her screaming down the street to her mama's!

Let her KNOW you want SEX and perhaps more of it - and are willing to SHOP until you DROP (a load).

IF you do NOTHING she may just believe you are content to retire from an active sex life. If you are  - FINE. But realize if you RETIRE so easily it may also raise suspicions! Hmmm.

SO why not do something with a GIFT to at least TRY to spice things up???

ALSO there are SOME GIFTS you can try out on the OLE LADY that if you ENJOY - you can add to your own bag of tricks for others later.

Are you a fast cummer - do you have a hair trigger - well try the new Durex condoms with an anesthetic in the tip that make you last longer. OR get a ribbed condom that is a bigger thrill for HER and for any guy you plow too! Maybe you'd like to be so well plowed!

How about a STRAP ON for her - or a dildo or vibrator? You can make jokes about such items - and if you travel - leave the dildo or vibrator AT HOME and tell her to think of YOU!

Do you like hot LINGERIE - ??? Well get some for her - and if you want ORDER a JUMBO for yourself.

GIVE the GIFT that keeps on giving.

NOW is the time to start - if this works you can do it - for many other events or just a "THINKING of YOU" present.

Also do not underestimate your lady.

We all tend to think of women as either Mother Theresa or MISS KITTY. Your lady might be more of the painted lady variety than  you ever imagined. Or maybe she is ready to loosen up. Or maybe the kids are older and she is friskier herself. Or maybe she always wanted to strap one on and plow you silly. Remember - WOMEN tend to come to enjoy SEX later in life than men.


Put on a hot black one with some warm lube and tell her and maybe later tell him:

  "Eat my big black dick you worm!"

Or if you are black - put on a pink one!

  "Eat my big white dick you worm!"


IF she just loves strawberries or is a choc-o-holic - help her along - with flavored condoms. IT can be a jokingly
friendly way to try to get her into oral sex or to get her to at least give it a try!

Let your imagination run a bit away with you. ALWAYS consider other uses for such GIFTS if they don't work with your lady! Gag gifts - or use the dildo yourself - or share with a male friend.

AT LEAST GIVE IT A TRY! A boring sex life takes TWO to tango. A gift is a way to show that your a both trying and are interested!

AND if it is ALL OVER - just give her nothing or a jumbo bottle of BAYER!

THESE SITES - support the Bi MEN. Any purchases here help us and they have been vetted by ME (MAC). Any problems with any of them let me know.

CHECK these out for GIFT GIVING!

******** Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Remember "Better to give than receive!" So give and gift that keeps on giving to BOTH OF YOU! And nothing ventured - nothing gained!

Best Wishes & Hugs!

Stewart ("Mac") McCloud
Founder & Moderator

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