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Stewart (Mac) McCloud grew up in Texas, Virginia and California. He graduated from San Jose State University (BA 1970) and earned his law degree at the University of California's Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco (JD 1973).

Admitted to the bar by examination in three states (Illinois, Louisiana and Pennsylvania) Mac was a young and very successful federal prosecutor in the 1970's in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. As a celebrated "consumer crusader" he earned the nickname "Marshal McCloud" and for greater details see his CV and Resume - click here.

In 1980 Mac got a "calling" to move to then booming Houston, TX (their "Urban Cowboy" boom era) to join the thriving GLBTQ community in the Montrose section. There he opened and co-founded the first GLBTQ-friendly hotel in Texas (the Houston Guest House).  He went on to become a community leader and co-publisher and editor for two leading Gulf Coast and Texas community newspapers.

In 1988 like many others Mac was forced to flee the oil patch due to a major oil bust there and moved to Southern California.  After many more life adventures (see Mac's CV/Resume here), in the mid 1990's he started the Bi Men Network ( on an informal and local level serving our bi male community.

By the late 1990's Mac could readily see and appreciate the enormous potential of the worldwide web (the Internet) for sexual minorities and especially for bisexual and bi-curious men with its anonymity, safety,  privacy and discretion and he took the Bi Men Network online, worldwide

The Internet, the worldwide web, offered a haven for bisexual and bi-curious men never known by us before in the "Dark Ages" before it. No needless fears and worries about arrests, blackmail and ridicule or humiliation. The Internet promised us community and greater, open communication and real understanding - with safety and privacy and discretion. Hence, the founding online in 1998 of our Bi Men Network ( - a safe harbor for all bi guys worldwide.

Since then the Bi Men Network has been a strong and continual presence on the worldwide web and it soon became the world's largest social and support organization for bisexual and bi-curious men and our many gay male friends and supporters (see Bi Men  Demographic link). The Bi Men Network quickly gained the notice and much-needed support of Dr. Fritz Klein (then the leading world expert on Bisexuality) and his Bisexual Foundation (see This team effort led to many mutually beneficial joint efforts and major bi events.

Unfortunately by 2004, Mac was once again solo and we have had no such outside support in the way of grants or such from non-profits or the like since then. The Bi Men Network has been solo now for well over a decade.

Since the 1990's Mac has single-handedly led the Bi Men Network and has been dedicated to promoting its goal - Be Bi, Be Happy!  He says: "Your life is your oyster. Take life's sands of irritation and make your very own pearl of great price!"  So be bi, be happy! or be gay or be straight, but be happy!  We are indeed  men in hot pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

So you may well want to "TALK WITH MAC" - see below or Click Here! Or you may want to help the Bi Men Network - see our Bi MEN WISH LIST or see our Bi MEN VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - or you  may want to join our private online community!

In closing - THANK YOU for being here with us - and "BE HAPPY!" and remember that with us "You are NOT alone!' and our men have not been alone since the 1998. The Dark Ages are  long, long gone!  

Best Wishes,

Stewart (Mac) McCloud

"In all likelihood there is no person living today who has met,
and observed more happy (and unhappy) bisexual men
on this Earth than Bi Men Founder, Mac McCloud!"

He cares! He listens! He can help you!

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